King Arthur ruled the land of Camelot with his trusted knights, including the handsome and brave Sir Lancelot. Lancelot had a brother by the name of Ellsworth who wasn't quite as brave, but who was known for burping. When he was still a baby, his nurse decided that since Ellsworth was the brother of Lancelot, he would be known as Sir Burpsalot.

Sir Lancelot also had a little sister by the name of Wendy. Wendy was not like the other girls at Camelot. She did not want to learn how to sew, mend, and cook; she wanted to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. People told her she couldn't shoot because shooting wasn't ladylike, but Wendy knew this was not fair. Burpsalot and Wendy may not sound like the usual heroes, but in the land of Camelot, heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Together, this brother and sister take on dragons and stinkers. They learn the ways of poodletooters and flutterbys. They make friends and bring honor to their family, despite humble beginnings. Cover and illustrations drawn by Alex Walton, Kelowna, British Columbia

The book tells the story of our early ancestors who lived in caves and some of the troubles they had in their lives. It also talks about how the myth about dragons started.